Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mega Fights

For a fight fan like me, it always excites me to hear that a mega fight is coming. Whether it be a mega fight in various sports such as in boxing (did I say Pacquiao should be in the card?), Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA (UFC specially) and even entertainment wrestling such as the WWE, I'm sure, fight fans like me always look forward to see the fight happen as it unfolds. Not only it is very entertaining but at the same time we tend to relate to these athletes competitiveness and the discipline  not to mention the sacrifices they undertake just to be in that very "Ring" where champions are made and are immortalized by their achievements. True fight fans see not only the moment where one fighter dominates and conquer his opponent but also understand the hardships of  both fighters has to undergo such that he appreciate both of them, not only the winner but also the other fighter. A mega fight cannot be a reality if not the two most distinguished athletes  in their field are willing to give us that mega fight that we all fight fans want to see. It is very disappointing to hear when a mega fight is foiled because of unreasonable wants such as what happened in the supposed mega fight between the boxing's Pound for Pound King Manny Pacquiao and the No. 2 Pound for Pound Floyd Mayweather. Boxing is a sport and is regulated by government agencies. These agencies dictate the standards by which the athletes should conform to, so that they may be allowed to step in the ring. I guess  the rationale why these regulations are impose is to determine, No.1 Fitness or health condition of the fighter, his safety is a paramount concern as well as the safety of his opponent. No. 2 Fairness, to see under the prescribed standards whether a fighter will have undue advantage against his opponent through the use of illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs, such that a drug testing is mandatory for every fight. These agencies are created by law and therefore presumably competent to implement the necessary regulations. To ask more than what is only prescribed is like being Popish than the Pope. But I cannot blame Floyd Mayweather or anyone in his camp specially his uncle Roger, if they are too concern about this issue, notwithstanding the huge supposed payday, Manny Pacquiao is really one awesome and unbelievable fighter, It must be really scary even just to think that you will be facing the Pacman. To top it all, he is a small but terrible fighter, a fighter with a big "0" in his win-loss record cannot afford to lose against this mighty mouse, it could cause him his career and a wound in his ego that wont forever heal. But hey, Mayweather should not be ashamed if ever he looses to Manny Pacquiao, after all the Pacman is the Man, he is in the Guinness for being the only fighter who has won 7 seven titles in 7 different weight divisions, at least he rose to the occasion and gave the fight fans like me the mega fight that we all want to see. That is the essence of  mega fights, fighters of mega status surmounting mega obstacles, watch by mega fight fans worldwide,  with one mega champ after the fight and two mega fighters who showed their mega class in the ring in one mega event we call the MEGA FIGHT.

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